Brooks - Winnipeg Newborn Photography

Littlest brother Brooks! He has two big brothers that are going to be his best friends, look outs, and probably help plot to take over the world with! His Momma will have her hands full, and be doing loads of laundry for ever, but she has three absolutely gorgeous little boys.
We have known Brooks’ Mom and Dad for a while. We got to be lucky enough to follow them around with a camera on a few different occasions, newborn photos, cake smashes, engagements, weddings and newborn photos again!

I was so pumped to meet this little man, and take his photo debut, but he sure made me work! He didn’t want to be unwrapped or not held, but that’s ok - because I love all of the little baby snuggles I can sneak in when I can get them!

NewbornCorey Jonasson